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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jake Cruise Videos

Dexter's Massage

Other Titles include:
Brodie & Beaux
Ivan and Lubor
Collin and Hurley
Tanek and JAke
Dederico and Tanek
Jason Novak
Trey and Ryan
Collin & Hurley
Ethan & Kai
Ethan's Audition
Ethan's Massage
Hank & Tom
Ivan & Tanek
Michael and Ethan
Jake Prinze Massage
James Beihn and Jake
Jason & Ladislav
Jason Olda & Lubor
Jay & Nickolay
Jim Nazium
Joey's Massage
Jon Marten
Kameron Message
Karel Rok
Kyle's Feast
Lex Lutor
Lex Massage
Marc & Marco
Marek and Jake
Michael and Ethan
Michael and Jake 2
Michael and Jherrad
Michael and Joey
Michael Crone's Massage
Michael Audition
Michael's Bonus
Michael's Massage
Michael's PAint job
Romario, Jay and JAke
Stewart Wellington
Tony Capucci
Trevor's New Car
Tristan Baldwin
Tristan Baldwin and jake
Turk and Vega
Zack and Jake Tyler II

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More Jake Cruise Videos titles to come! Watch out for it!