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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gay TV Series

Gay TV Series

The lair
Season 1
Promo Price: 250 per Season

Preview Video:

The Lair is a private gay club run by vampires, who use the club as a source for attractive young men to feed from. Thom, a local journalist in the small island town begins digging into the anonymous bodies turning up drained of blood, endangering his boyfriend and coming to the attention of the head vampire, Damian, who sees Thom as the reincarnation of his own dead lover. The Lair is an original series, from US specialty channel Here Tv, with a first season of six 27-minute episodes.

Dante's Cove
Seasons 1 to 3
Promo Price: 250 per Season

Preview Video:

In 1840 Dante's Cove, an island resort in the Caribbean, Grace is a powerful witch who catches her fiancée Ambrosius Vallin cheating on her with a man in which she imprisons him in the basement of their house, cursing him to spend eternity in evil. Present Day. College dropout Keven Archer follows his lover, Toby, to the island paradise of Dante's Cove to get away from living with his abusive and homophobic mother and stepfather. Kevin wants to start a new life at Hotel Dante, a local hotel for the gay/lesbian community and the current site of the Vallin household which is now reputed to be haunted. While deciding what to do with his life, Kevin becomes acquainted with the residents of the hotel whom include Toby's best friend Van, an artist who struggles to pay her bills and date her girlfriend Tina. Corey is the long-term resident and outgoing gay guy. Amber is the party girl who has eyes for the local DJ Chrissy. Adam is the token straight guy at odds with everyone, and Josh is the bisexual guy who's current girlfriend is at odds with him. But Kevin and Toby's newfound romance takes a turn when Kevin finds a trap door in the cellar and inadvertently releases Ambrosius's evil spirit who, with a kiss from Kevin, becomes corporeal again as an evil vampire, and all hell is about to break lose in Dante's Cove...

Queer As Folk (UK Edition)
Seasons 1 to 5
Promo Price: 250 per Season

Two gay friends, Vince and Stuart, live on a cocktail of sex, drugs and clubbing. They are both 29, and Stuart is the type of guy who cops off every time he goes out. One night, he spots 15-year-old Nathan, and brings him back to his apartment where they make love. Now, Nathan is still after Stuart, but Stuart just thinks of Nathan as one in a long line of one night stands.

Queer As Folks (US Version)
Seasons 1 to 5
Promo Price: 250 per Season

Based on the British series of the same name, Showtime's 'Queer as Folk' presents the A
merican version. Following the lives of five gay men in Pittsburgh, 'Queer as Folk' is a riveting drama full of sex, drugs, adventure, friendship and love. Although the creators of 'Queer as Folk' wanted to present an honest depiction of gay life, it is by no means a comprehensive depiction. In addition to the usual sexual escapades and relationships of the five friends, the show explores critical gay political and health issues.